Hey guys! I'm sorry for bugging with a HUGE blog in the beginning on the wiki. This will be a page for guiding users when the wiki will grow bigger someday. Till then, it is just for discussing with you guys about the page maintenance. If we stay aware from now, then later the wiki will be in a good shape! :D

i) Categories

When I joined the FPLC wiki, the categories were a MESS then. I cleared a lot of it with the help of some other users like Ironbert. Well, I don't want to see the same mess here. We should be conscious about it since the beginning. We will discuss about what categories to add here. We will decide our categories and delete any unnecessary/duplicate category as soon as we see it.

For members: Forumers

Categories for the gender of the forumer is OK. I don't think so we need any other subcategory for users.

For mods: Moderators

For admins: Administrators

For banned users: Banned Users

For veteran artists: Fan Artists

And some stuff to say:

1) How about adding a new category: Navigational Templates for the templates that WE will make?

2) What shall we add for the Shoutbox page? Any ideas...?

ii) Making Pages

I just have some ideas. Share your ones in the comments too!

Flipline ForumPedia: Rules

Flipline ForumPedia: Staff

Pages for the boards but NOT topics except the very popular ones.

Ummm anything else...? Please feel free to suggest here!

And this will be updated constantly.

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