The Werewolf Game (commonly shortened to TWG) was started by Survivor. It is currently on its 33rd game.

How to Play

There are 3 main factions (usually a bit more). Humans, wolves, and independent (usually split into more). The humans Lynch people during the day, hoping to catch a wolf or usually an independent. Humans are split into normal humans with no special abilities and ones that have special abilities, most of which can lead to wolves being found. The wolves, at Night, wolf the humans to lower their numbers. The Independent faction's goals vary by role.


The Werewolf Game is the only forum game to have it's own sub-board and is by far the largest sign-up game ever. Many users have played it, and if you join Flipline Forum we suggest you to take part in a game.


To check records, information, and other things, please view this topic from the Flipline Forum:


The Werewolf Council, shortened to TWC, is made up of Survivor, Lenny, Penguin022, and Professor Hershel Layton. They usually rank the bids and decide the final winner.

Mage, Vinnie, and Everilyfel all are former users of the TWC, but were removed or resigned from it.