Her FC Version.

Shaira is a Flipline Forumer from Bangladesh who is active since she joined in late February 2015.

General Info

Real Name: Shaira Sultana

Forum Username: Shaira (formerly SuperCub)

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Country: Bangladesh

Date Registered: 21st February, 2015

Status: Active

As SuperCub

The reason behind choosing the name SuperCub when she registered in the Flipline Forum on 21st February was that she is a huge fan of tigers. Shaira was on the Flipline Studios Wiki since May 2014 and joined the Fan Papa Louie Customers Wiki in August 2014. This was an advantage for her, since she already knew many of the Forum users because of knowing them from the Wiki, and after joining the Forum, she introduced herself as "Shaira Sultana from the Wiki". She became well-known for her sociability and activity on the Forum. She always claimed herself to be a real tiger cub. She impressed people she met with her friendliness, and her time on Forum spent quite well.

As Shaira


Shaira as in Kingsley's Customerpalooza 2015.

Shaira changed her username in July, five months after her registration and a few days after getting her color changed from black to gold. Soon, a chaos among the users began and a lot of what Shaira calls "Drama" have begun, resulting in bans of many users, including two of her best friends, Papl and Ravenclaw. Shaira is very emotional by nature, and she was extremely shocked with all the "Drama" around her. She likes Ravenclaw a lot, and claims him to be like her brother. Ravenclaw was banned for 90 days because of sharing his account with Papl, whose crime was posting gore with sockpuppets. She heavily protested against Ravenclaw's ban and ended up being mad on the Shoutbox (chat), typing with capital letters, that his ban was unfair and it must be reduced. Even now, Shaira believes the same thing, but already stopped arguing about it. She still did not end up fighting with anyone, and hopes that people will consider her shock. She overcame her shock quickly, but was still sad. She decided to not make a user ranking until he returns. But, during this time, Shaira made a lot of new friends and many of her friends became closer to her.

In September, she submits a character based off herself in Kingsley's Customerpalooza 2015 "just for fun". Out of her expectation, her character was seen in the very first round of the Customerpalooza tournament. Unfortunately, her character lost. Shaira claims to be still happy about being in, but sometimes, she confesses that losing a round actually hurts.

Shaira had to go to China to participate in a competition in October. Her flight was on October 16th, but she could change her name again on 20th October. So, she sent Matt a name change request in advance. Although she was supposed to be inactive for 16 days, she discovered in Kunming that she could actually log in Flipline Forum in her mobile. From 19th October, she became active again.

As SuperCub

A few days later, her name changes. She keeps posting from China about her trip, and regularly uploaded selfies. For the first few days of November, she could not log in Flipline Forum because she was busy with work. November is the month when Ravenclaw's ban finally expires. After his return, she becomes more active and regular on forum. Yet, she is kind of "bored" in the Forum because of the fact that many users are not active now. She is kind of frustrated because people ship her with Ravenclaw. She is almost never rude to angry on the forum, but protests with Caps Lock on when she is being shipped.


  • She claims to be a real Bengal Tiger cub on the Forum and prefers to be called a cub too.
  • Some of her catchphrases on the Shoutbox are "yay lenny" and "HAI TNG :3".
  • She hates Matt since Ravenclaw's ban because she believes that 90 days is too harsh.
    • She had the hashtag #MattSucks in her signature. She removed it soon after Ravenclaw's ban expired.
  • She asks people to privately message her a dirty joke when she is upset.
  • She talks about her real life too much.
  • She uses the word "onion" a lot although she likes chilies more.
  • She's one of the most friendly users.
  • She does not have Facebook and therefore depends on email and Wikia for contacting people who are not on the Forum.
  • She prefers Jacksmith over the Papa Louie Series.
  • Although she is not a Cactus McCoy fan, she believes that there should be a Cactus McCoy 3 for the sake of Cactus McCoy fans. You can see the #BringBackCMC hashtag in her signature.
  • Her favorite gameria is Papa's Freezeria. This is also the first ever gameria she played.
  • She likes Trishna and loves Rudy. She also ships herself with Rudy, calling it "Shairudy".
  • She calls Zuki as her Choti Bahan [Little sister] and Zuki calls her Didi [big sister].
  • She strictly opposes her ship with Ravenclaw.