Rotten Cherry

This is me. maria is my middle name.

Rotten Cherry is formerly know as rainbowcherry, Poison cherry, and Wild Black cherry. She joined last year on November 2th 2014. She is not seen much but sometimes she appears. She wants her usernames to be her FC's and nothing else. She also lives in Texas like many other users.


rainbowcherry made her account at nighttime. But she almost deleted it. She already knew what to do on the forum and her first topic was her Q and A. There she said that she has been looking at the forum for a year before she had the guts to join. She tried to join in September but her laptop had shut down and didn't wake up. Then in October, she tried again on Halloween. But she got scared and just left. Then she joined. She was welcomed and she was already happy in the forum. Soon she started to make FC's. They were based off her favorite fruit. Cherries. a lot of the forum members like them and she made and more.

Poison cherry

After joining A few good months went by and she was very happy in the forum. Soon she got a pm telling her that she could tell Matt that if she could change her username. (I don't know if this forum member wants to be anonymous) She was not sure if she should so she asked the forum member what would like. Her pm said Poison cherry. So that was her first user name. For a few days she missed her old username but got over it.

Wild Black cherry

On June 1st. Her username was changed to Wild Black cherry which is her two fc's name mashed together. She was. always welcoming new forum members and telling them if they need help just ask her. There was one forum member that she will never forget. thesimsvampire. she became close friends with him and she happily told others that she forgives him and other users.

Rotten Cherry