Soulmates Never Die is a forum member that joined last year around September-October, sometime during Kingsley's Customerpalooza 2015 Top 32 votings. She's a 17 year old Lithuanian, likes music (her favourite holiday is finally invented in a gameria! That would be Groovstock BTW), sometimes drawing and creating music (and singing).

Currently she's just less bitter she missed KCP 2016 after thinking so much about it but still stuffs a lot of hope in any of her Flipline OCs, particularly Amylou Rose and Bellamy, dominating KCP 2017. Bellamy would even be lulzier next to Matt (even if he has a known surname already; it's just for the lulz of bandsaking) in her opinion, whereas Amylou Rose just would like to hang out next to the already chosen Customerpaloozians over the years (Hope, Yui and Steven).


  • Her favourite Bakeria's local is Janana, just because of the sweet sweet smile next to them pretty clothes and hairstyle. Oh, and the glasses.
  • You'll never find her in any forum with the same username as in any other she's previously been. It's guaranteeable.
  • Her favourite music band is Muse, in case you can't ever tell.
  • Got diagnosed with autism for real.
  • Went to a big concert at the age 16, where Muse was playing. She wouldn't if it wasn't for that.
  • Another Muse-based fact: in 2014 she decided to sing a Muse song she liked at that moment in front of a lot of families of a religious camp on July some days before her inital birthday.
  • Her short poems were featured in a regional almanach book in 2008, thus this being a proof she can write something, aside getting editings from grown-ups because she had to have them.
  • While in kindergarten, a boy who would later get on to be a musician of some sort (particularly singer) wanted to French-kiss her. She mistook it for an actual kiss just on the lips.
  • Rumoured to have 2 boyfriends in early years. One of them was the only kid amongst the crowd of others who didn't laugh when she ate a snowball.
  • Speaking of snowballs, she can't help it but sometimes to eat snow.
  • Shares birthdays with Mick Jagger and is proud of it. As well as Stanley Kubrick. Don't you just love anything by Stanley Kubrick?
  • Owned a My Chemical Romance t-shirt with Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge cover on it. Nowadays she has a Muse tank top and a Mando Diao shirt that surprisingly appeared in her town's used clothes shack.
  • Collects a lot, so no wonder her room and her laptop (and her phones) are so full and not cleaned for days they risk to not function (except the room and the phones, the latter half of the time).
  • Secretly buys lottery tickets.
  • Favourite numbers are 5, 18, 19, 35, sometimes 7 and 26 because that reminds of her birthdate.
  • She discovered on March 2016 that one of her online Eurovision fan forum friends plays Papa's Bakeria.
  • Speaking of Eurovision, she is a fan of it too, just like of Flipline, some Youtubers and Muse (and some other music bands). Started to be a fan since 2009, but watched the first national selection in 2006.
  • Her awkward attitude can't let anyone be friends with her irl who know her. Except other girls which she meets anywhere else in the country.
  • Loves watching cartoons, much to her mom's dismay.
  • Also loves notebooks.
  • Plans to create a cartoon about two new friends creating a cartoon. There must be a formal pilot episode, a Halloween episode, a "we're getting cancelled and the thing that replaced our show is a ripoff/remake of another IRL show!" episode, a "too bad people who draw fan art of us are booed" episode, a "my relative and soon-to-be voice actor of your cartoon died so I need to sob" episode, a possible Christmas episode, a "what happened to the secondary characters some time later?" episode, a battle of the bands episode and a proper ending episode, totally worth of 2 seasons. Characters to be included but not limited to: two female protagonists, one of them having a proper family shown, a gang of 4 girls with their own interests based on the future creator herself and her 3 online friends (writing this thing gave her an idea to insert another one, but sometime later), an actual creator avatar insert as a librarian, a show-within-a-show cartoon band with the band's own personality traits and a character titled Shaw Nooles. Planned music: some of the future creator's favourite tunes (undergrounder version), her own covers of said songs and some of the original music, though it can't be possible to have all the equipment and people needed for the original songs... The creator wants to have some Youtubers as voice actors/actresses, and she talks only about the lesser-known but a bit impactful people who love and talk about cartoons. Some jokes are pre-written, too. Maybe.
  • When going to a psychologist, the psychologist and Soulmates Never Die (later on SND) were making a little thing about a giant different type of cat, which lives in Estonia and loves chanterelles. It has got a 'husband' and they have two kids that already go to school. There were obligatory stories of it having sex, giving birth, doing something else and allowing her kids go to school. One of stories was handwritten by herself, at home.
  • She also sang alone in front of people at the end of May 2016 just for the sake of receiving a proper diary as gift.
  • She went to Vilnius Book Fair 2013 and spotted that there's a corner for cutout animation or something like that. She participated but her creation was shown very late, by the time her family was leaving the fair.
  • Her favourite song changes at points but she would sometimes call either "Sing" by Travis" or "Pure Morning" by Placebo her ultimate favourite one.
  • Is a hysterical lady sometimes, doing bad things while screaming and shouting and crying out loud like a psychotic deliriac. Thanks to that, a glass in her room's door was cracked with a fist. She also kicked a glass out in school after two girls held up the door for her to enter. Since then that door's half of the glass was entirely removed.
  • Often contributed to her primary school's news paper. Back in the day, she took a stripped down type of journalism as an after-school activity in primary class, asking pre-written questions to people that are related to school and the town itself. As well as was asked to illustrate sometimes or had her work featured, or even had some of the proverbs she picked randomly featured in there.
  • One year, when the primary school was having an April Fools competition day (funniest dress up, funniest photo, funniest jokes), she thought she could win everything in the book but the thing that really saved her the most was telling jokes, even if she didn't really look like a comedian (but would make people laugh with her embarrassing silliness or sometimes make a funny phrase on intention nowadays). She got somehow awarded for not being lazy or so. Others got 'awarded' for being brave to show up and tell jokes in front of an enough big auditory. This probably happened during her 3rd grade because at the time there were 2 new female classmates and one of them is too much of a dark horse to come in front of people and tell jokes (such as about dead people being dust and because of that explanation the questioner felt like someone died under his/her bed then).