Simba (formerly Kiefster, Kiefstyler, .Red Velvet., Kief, Smiler@_@, K Nathaniel, Baymax, Kiefer and Kiefster) is a member of Flipline Forum. He is known for his My Kitchen Rules series in the Cooking Games boards. He is also known for some of his fan-fics, including Flipline Reacts. He is currently the "Top Topic Starter".


(someone do 2013)

In 2014, Simba popped in and out from time to time. His FC Games were very popular, and many users signed up for them. He shortly went inactive at the end of 2014, but then returned and continued the FC Games. Eventually he became semi-active and the FC Games ended. But in summer, he began hyperposting to reach his goal, the colour purple. He reached it and was congratulated.

My Kitchen Rules

My Kitchen Rules is a fan game that Simba created on the forum, basing it off of an Australian show with the same name.

Season 1: Ranks


1st: Luigi

2nd: Golden Alien

3rd: Vinnie

4th: AsadoCooperFan

5th: Victoria

6th: Nickito

Italics mean that the user has since deleted their account.

Season 2: Ranks

1st: IchiRuki

2nd: Baymax Tetra

3rd: Chiaki Nanami

4th: DKNielsen

5th: Sweetenda~Shy

6th: Peach~Tea

Season 3:

Simba had Season 3 of MKR ready, but because lots of users weren't active, he decided to re-open sign ups. The sign ups are closed, an the Instant Restaurants are up. 3 New bonus spots are opened. Currently, no one has been eliminated.