About Rossome

Rossome (formerly Baymax Tetra, iHavePizza, Pixar, and Cap'n Phasma) is a Flipline Forum user who signed up for the Forum on November 22, 2014.

Vital statistics
Position Admin of Forumpedia
Age Not telling
Status Active Online
Physical attributes
Height 5' 0"
Weight Unknown

As iHavePizza

On The Wiki

iHavePizza is on many Poptropica and Flipline wikias. Sadly, he was banned on the Flipline Wiki because he was a few months under standard age for that wiki. He was ratted on my Windowswind123 (known as Neptune on the forum) for unknown reason. Now he is the creator and admin of Flipline Forumpedia.

On the Forum

iHavePizza started the never finished Gameria Awards on the forum. He was active on the retired FSN, and was CEO for a day for it. He started one or two forum games, a many unfinished fan fictions, one fan tournament, and more.

As Rossome

Rossome (first time)

Rossome started a fan tournament "Rossome's Customerpalooza 2015" at the end of 2014. He also did a fan game "Papa's Salad Mia".

As Baymax Tetra

Baymax Tetra's username was after his fish that recently died. As Baymax Tetra, he did the Flipline Forum User's Choice Awards 2015. He also did a few fan fictions and fan games.

As Pixar


As Teen Arachnid