Sophia (previously Summer4ever, Coral and Idina, Blueberry Cordial, Lena on her first account, and Cheesecake, Lena Rostova and her current username Perenelle on her current account) is a user on the Flipline Forum. She has notably ruined her friendships with most forumers, but can easily get into a fight. She was inactive during most of 2015 and wrote the not-so-awardwinning fanfiction, "DA FORUM GOES TO SCHOOL AND STUFF" and quit writing the sequel. She is best friends with Robin (Arme Thaumaturgy), DJ Roomba and Everilyfel She feuds with Prem Ratan Dhan Payo occasionally, used to feud frequently with Everilyfel and Bang, and occasionally feuds with Lover of Lemonade. She deleted her first account in September 2016. She is most known for getting into fights, being a dick, being obsessed with the Sims 4, self-deprecating and being Robin's best friend.

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