Neprune Efron is a user who joined the forum August 19th, 2014. He is currently the 20th highest poster of the forum. He is a moderator on the Flipline Studios Wikia. He is currently at the Forum Rank "Food Critic". He is now permanently banned.

Chart of Name Changes

Windowswind123 > Blue.Velvet. (read in "Trivia") > Blue.Velvet > Neptune > Fudge~BrownieZ > Teal~Pilgrim > Neprune Efron

List of Fan Customers (FCs)


♫ = submitted for a KCP tournament

♦ Christine (shown on the right) ♫

♦ Bethany

♦ Mike

♦ Charlotte

♦ Mark

♦ Autumn

♦ Natalie

♦ Lauren ♫

♦ Cornelia

♦ David


◘ He has two dogs and a hermit crab

◘ (from "Chart of Name Changes") While PMing Matt to change his name to "Blue.Velvet", he put a period right after it. Matt thought he wanted the extra period, so he added that on while changing his name. After realizing this, Blue.Velvet PMed Matt back and it was fixed in approximately 2 hours

◘ His favorite game by Flipline Studios is Papa's Cupcakeria

◘ He is around 5'7"

◘ literally ab to kermit