Naomi The Queen (previously known as Willowfan26, CupcakesFan, PurpleIce, Dark~Magic, Amethyst, Shinygreed, Mystic Amethyst, The Miz, Nikki Bella and Peyton Royce) is one of the Flipline Forumers. He joined the forum in June 20, 2014.

Personal Info:

Name: Cornelius (Kendall)

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Country: Lithuania

Status: Active

As Willowfan26

Not much is remembered from that time. Not even the user could remember some core memories. He created a few topics like "Willowfan26 Donuteria" or "Willowfan26 MasterChef", they were successful, but some users were inactive, forcing him to leave the topic.

As CupcakesFan

On December 30th, 2014, Willowfan26 changed his name into CupcakesFan and got the gold name by hitting 500 posts. He entered the Shoutbox for the first time using this name. He started a new game called "CupcakeFan's Next Top Model" and  is thinking about reviving it.

As PurpleIce

On March 30th, 2015, CupcakesFan changed his name into PurpleIce. The user Ravenclaw used to make fun of this name, calling the user "GreenIce" or other names. He has created a few Fan-Fictions like "FC Drama Island" or "The Voice of Flipline" which proved to be successful and popular.

As Dark~Magic

On June 30th, 2015, PurpleIce made his third name change, changing into Dark~Magic.

He had hyperposted a lot, making him with almost 3000 posts. He had created a few topics and he has confirmed that he likes Winx Club, by creating a Fan-Fic Forumix Club.

As Amethyst

On October 4th, 2015 Dark~Magic changed his name for the fourth time. This time his name is Amethyst.

More information coming soon.

As Shinygreed

On January 5th, 2016 Amethyst changed his name for the fifth time, changing into Shinygreed.


As Mystic Amethyst

On April 5th, 2016 Shinygreed changed his name into Mystic Amethyst, making this his 6th name change.

During this period, he had created a few topics like Flipdere Simulator and FWE which proved to be rather successful.

As The Miz

This will be Mystic Amethyst's 7th name change and it will happen on July 5th, 2016. This name was the first in the series of WWE names

As Nikki Bella

On October 28th, 2016, The Miz changed his name into Nikki Bella, this being his 8th name change and 2nd WWE name.

As Peyton Royce

On January 28th, 2017, Nikki Bella changed his name into Peyton Royce. This was his 9th name change and 3rd WWE name (Also, 3rd WWE name in a row)

As Naomi The Queen

On May 4th, 2017, Peyton Royce changed his name into Naomi The Queen (because Naomi was already taken), this being his 10th name change and 4th WWE name (Also, 4th WWE name in a row). While he was with this name, he finished up his Forumer Royal Rumble fan-fic. He also created Forumer Game Night, which is most probably starting during the first week of July 2017.

As Alex

On August 4th, 2017, Naomi The Queen will be able to change his name once again. He has confirmed that his next name will be Alex. That will be his 11th name change, it will break the series of WWE names and will be the first non-WWE name since Mystic Amethyst (April 5th, 2016 - July 5th, 2016)


  • He has a FC Elizabeth, who's his fictional girlfriend.
  • He like Winx Club, especially Tynix Transformation
  • He uses "lol" a lot.
  • He has a crush on Jack Archer and Marina Romanova (Both from Criminal Case)
  • He loves Criminal Case
  • His best friends are Ravenclaw, Shaira and Akiza.
  • He loves playing Sims 4.
  • He like Ravenclaw as a bro.
  • He has a Facebook Account. (Revealed to Best Friends only)
  • He has a Twitter Account and a YouTube Channel
  • He has lots of FCs but Elizabeth is his favourite.
  • He likes drawing
  • He's really into WWE.



Scarlett and Rudy kissing (Made by DM)


DM's FC Elizabeth in her Non-Flipline look