Matt, whose real name is Matt Neff, is one of the co-founders of Flipline Studios besides Tony, and is an administrator on the Flipline Forum. He was the first person to create an account on the forum. He usually watches over the Forum and its members. He is comparatively less active than Tony in writing Blog posts.

He frequently visits the Help and Support board to help users with any technical issues they're having with the games and the forum. Every once in a while he will visit the shoutbox and chat with forumers either about technical problems or just answering questions.

Matt's Activities

Matt has moderated the forum, but as it grew he assigned more mods. He is the only active admin, though, and has changed a lot on the forum. He has added the Ignore Button and many more convenient features, such as sub-boards for forum games. After he deleted Forum Ranks with Vinnie928's assistance, he lost popularity because people lost posts (although it was quite spammy). Eventually everyone realized it was spammy (except Akiza) and moved on.