Lyka (formerly known as adrielnoadriel, Adriel, .Adriel., ewn, Nina, Julia, Lilith, Ririko, Heartbreaker, Karen~, Maryssa, Cortonith, Elise, Akiza, Katarina, Mirajane, Shendelzare, Bayonetta, Akasha, and Olivia) is one of the Flipline Forumers. She was active since January 17, 2012 (three days before Jaden's departure). Even though Akiza is a boy, he prefers to be referred to as a girl.

As Adrielnoadriel

Adrielnoadriel joined 3 days after Jaden left on January 14, 2012.

Adrielnoadriel's first post is at the Customer Race Game, which contained "I mean, Little Edoardo". He made his own forum games called "Conquer the Customers" and "Customers' Fever Meters".

He also made FCs, which some of them were became famous until .Adriel.'s time (AJ, Dmac and Jenna). and some of them were actually plagiarized without notice. For example, Nina, Anna, Cynthia, Hime.

Adriel advertised to vote Akari up because Roy is too overrated. Adriel deleted his account when he advertised to vote up Akari and the forumers blamed him, and the argument between the owner and him is started. This puts Adriel into a major depression due to Popickdra (He downed Akari sometimes, Evenly his hate was Akari with -10000000000+% so he wanted to harass her, Plus, his last signature (which was "I hate Akari! I love Roy!"), and Xandra Will Find You (Because of the newest rule).

As Adriel

Adriel, Lilith's second account, registered at March 26, 2012, the same day Vinnie registered.

Adriel made the first fan-fic, but unfortunately it is unknowningly made. It contains himself, Kyla, and the police. Until he deleted his fan-fic and the Administrators made the Fan Fiction section. Also Adrielnoadriel made Dmac.

Adriel made a fangame: Papa's Coffee Mia. Unfortunately, Vinnie mentioned that the title was imperfect. This puts Adriel into depression.

Adriel made the fangame: Papa's Riceria. Adriel made a funny order for James, which was tiny choco fried rice, chunky flip. As a result, Adam ROFLed at it.

Adriel broke down and deleted his account again, because mohammed chose to eliminate Akari when Moh's reply isn't actually the 3Kth reply.

As .Adriel.

.Adriel., Lilith's third account, registered at unknown.

Adriel posted a fan art at Fans Art, and it recieve good receptions from the forumers. Ahfaz12 gives him a 9.9/10, DokiDokiTsuna knows that his art reminds of Rainbow Road of Mario Series. Until Flipline_Tony PMed him. He accepted, and his art was now on the blog. Lilith is the second forumer and the third person to get featured on the blog, the first forumer and first person was magicmusic, and the second person was the deviantArtist nonecansee.

Adriel looked at the topic Favourite customer wildcard 3rd round by mohammed. The poll ran for a day and Adriel missed it. In the topic, Akari and Sasha were tied. mohammed said that Sasha won because of his mystery game, and Adriel deleted his account out of anger.

While Gone

Someone created Adriel V, with a picture of Akari, making about 20 posts, acts like a complete imposter, while Adriel isn't here. After Adriel made ewn, Adriel V deleted his account. Now someone admitted it, it was abcd. Later, Adriel spreaded, but abcd seeks revenge.

As ewn

She joined at May 21, 2012, 11:45:07 PM, as ewn. She ranked up Akari of all of the sudden until the Customer Race Game got locked.

Adriel made the Royal Rumble topic, it became famous until got abandoned by complaints of other forumers.

He post fast of all of the sudden, and he changed into Nina. After he made another plagiarized FC, and the forumers blamed him. He abandoned all of the plagiarized FCs.

Lilith reborned the Royal Rumble topic, and it became famous. Penguin022 made another one, as Customer Royal Rumble. Lilith's Royal Rumble topic became famous until abcd posted a breakdown post. This performs Lilith a breakdown and locked the Royal Rumble for eternity.

Lilith became serious about to win one of the participants of the game (Zina (NutellaCrepes' FC)). Lilith became very tactical about the poll, changing votes just in case and once misunderstood about the poll question. Until Zina lost the game, Lilith depressed, and faked the heart attack. Later, she quoted KSS' post to stop, and she was stopped by KKE.

Due to boredom again, she finally thought a great idea. Now she made an FC named Julia Witherwood, and it got famous, receiving tributes from the users DokiDokiTsuna, D-Walker and Papl. Now she changed her name into Julia due to boredom and pretended to be possessed for more days, and until she broke the curse, she changed back to Nina, and again, due to boredom, she changed her name into Lilith. After changing back to Lilith, Lilith changed her journey to an important journey of all.

MooseRelated posted "if the contest is real, would Julia win? How would the customers react around demons!?" as of August 19, 2013, 11:10:57 AM (Cleveland Time), KitKatExtreme (or MintIceCream), papa_fan and Lilith talked about it, and suddenly MooseRelated posted a breakdown post, containing "Julia will definitely not acceptable in PNCT!". After Lilith saw Moose' breakdown post, she cried, counted as Lilith's major depression breakdown. Then a mod named D-Walker added something, "Cut out all her demonic stuff and just make her a regular human like the rest." and "Like that, you can keep the original Julia but just put her away from an all-human contest.". This triples Lilith a breakdown and cries her a lot and forcing to do a new concept. Lilith tasted the first major depression breakdown because it was the part of her journey. Good thing that Lilith won't delete her account.

DoctorCheesecake found some impurities from Lilith's past. Now he posted once at the Battle Royal topic. Now Lilith posted about the case, and DoctorCheesecake PMed Lilith. Lilith penalized 11 posts and 2 topics. Although the two (Adam and iHMF) weren't actually penalized.

When the user pickleric joined the forum and trolled all of the forumers, this user depressed the most because it affects friends, and this forum. -1234-, KKE's sister was temporary banned because she posted a picture meant to scare pickleric, who reported it. Now Lilith's primary goal is to do what it takes to stop pickleric. Although people thought that pickleric obviously lied, Lilith posted one of pickleric's lies, and what Lilith mentioned is what KKE said recently at the Q&A.

Lilith participated in the Shoutbox, and enjoyed when Matt came to the Shoutbox. But unfortunately Matt answered that there will be no demonettes or non-humans in the game. After Matt answered, Lilith broke down. Now she isn't okay, and now D-Walker she did tell the truth, and forcing Lilith to breakdown once again. Later, Lilith is planning to delete her account, but she watch Phoenix Wrong movies instead of getting depressed excessively. Unfortunately, because of excessive number of depressive situations (including one major breakdown situation, excluding the plagiarism incident), she can be only calm down in a few months or even years.

Lilith faced D-Walker in the Shoutbox, under depression. D-Walker did what it takes to stop Lilith. While they were doing their events, Adam and papa_fan joined the conversation, but, bumpers. Until Lilith realized that she don't have to commit suicide by forgetting her FC and her goals, and she reminded of her Grade 7 (1st Year) experience, Lilith woke up and snapped out of depression.

Lilith faced her great dilemma, and now Adriel came back and they shared into one account. They still have one goal; to do what it takes to stop pickleric, by counter-trolling.

Lilith added a question that the Royal Rumble must be reborned or not. Although, in future, it will be occur or not. Lilith made a Royal Rumble and tried to forget the breakdown before, plus, the Royal Rumble has reborn.

Lilith made a fan-fic, finished, and marked "What If". Unfortunatly, Lilith misinterperated Vinnie and Nickito's compliments as invading the topic so it was never finished because lilith is weird

Lilith posted a hidden concept of Julia Witherwood, gaining good compliments. Unfortunately, SodaPopExplosive's compliment was misinterperated by Lilith and they fought. Lilith lost, and posted in the Therapy topic. Hella got into a fight with Lilith until Lilith deleted the topic and called it an accident.

When Flipline_Tony posted a blog post about the tourney, the rest of the contestants revealed. When Lilith found out that Julia wasn't in the tourney, and he said ...

"... that I ... I did a l-lot of effort to Julia ever s-since I created her, but ... but this time I ... I have to i-improve her a ... lot (much more) t-this time, but it will took ages to improve one by one ... like what ... but still ..."

After he said that, he added a FML, then changed his goals and changed his journey, thus, he lost all of his faith and half of his trust to the admins.

When jdfan07 cheated once, Lilith was possessed. While he was possessed, he ever predict that jdfan07 would cheat again. Then she do what it takes to defeat jdfan07, by tempting him to admit his cheating tactics. Snapped out of possession, silently. Avery (Jdfan07's FC) was disqualified over Chantall (iHMF's FC) in the first round, as a result of cheating. No one ever know that Julia possessed Lilith.

As Ririko

Lilith changed his name to Ririko due to boredom.

While the Prof.Bowtie Incident worsens, the fight between Ririko, Prof.Bowtie and PTT worsens, too. Prof.Bowtie has a grudge to Hella and Ririko, but when it comes worse, PTT is now neutral, and Ririko confessed. After Ririko confessed, Prof.Bowtie left the forum because of Ririko.

Kiefstyler got angry after Ririko posted a certain post. Ririko confessed that Kief posted always stupid. Now Kief's rage is worsened. Then Ririko admitted that he have 2 disorders, then Kief hasn't have. Now Kief is in his own now.

While Ririko admitted that he hates Moose's brutal typos, Moose got rage at him. Now Moose got a grudge to Ririko, then the fight happened in the Shoutbox, ended up Moose ignored Ririko as a result. SodaPopExplosive said that ignoring won't work, but it is true-- Ririko made an extremely nonsense topic. He made it because of MooseRelated. Now after this, Moose lost and forgive from his sins.

Kiefstyler made a topic, FC Stories. This made Ririko furious that Kiefstyler has really, no credit of making his fanfic. Ririko accused Kiefstyler of plagiarism. The first fight happened in the Shoutbox. Nickito teamed up but Ririko broke the fight. Adam said that Nickito misunderstood what Ririko said because Ririko has actually proof that Kief plagiarized Ririko's fanfic. It is whether unknown that Kief deleted his plagiarized fanfic or not. Ririko lost.

As Heartbreaker

While SH1334 is back, Heartbreaker mouth whistles. Heartbreaker admitted that it was her new catchphrase along with "deng", although, it ended up in a major fight and ended up banned with Prof.Bowtie.Heartbreaker banned in 3 days, while SH1334 in one week. Heartbreaker sacrificed herself to ban him, by ban her. However, SH1334 was ended up permabanned due other cases.

When the time Heartbreaker leaves the Flipline Forum for 2 and a half days, Heartbreaker strikes back and reported Jdfan which got him banned for 3 days again. Lastly, he struck back by bashing at Heartbreaker's opinions at Papa's Pastaria with .Red Velvet., and bashing KitKatExteme on PMs. Jdfan ended up ending his own account while .Red Velvet. was unknowingly banned. Although Jdfan ended up deleting his account, he came back as Ilovepies1 but was not welcomed again.

As Maryssa

Heartbreaker changed his name to Maryssa.

As Elise

coming soon

As Lilith

changed to Lilith after maryssa