This is a list of banned users on Flipline Forum. Add some info, if you know it is true.

Permanently Banned/Permabanned Users:

  • Jonathan4Life (also made repeated duplicates)
  • Papl (also made repeated duplicates) (redeemed)
  • SaucyKing (also made duplicates)
  • thesimsvampires (had a duplicate) (redeemed)
  • Mohammed
  • Businessman
  • ElesaVolt55
  • James wong/SH1334
  • PepsiScientist
  • Peter
  • Ravenclawsomeness (inadvertently because of Papl)
  • Sweedsweerse/Keric
  • Ziad/Najd/Daniel
  • Pancakes_Clover (repeated rudeness/spamming/fighting) (redeemed)
  • LKOB (redeemed)
  • Neptune

Warned Users (users on their last warning):

  • Everilyfel

Previously Banned:

Currently Banned