Lover of Lemonade is a previously permanently banned user on the Flipline Forum. She used to have the names IceCool-HersheyPop, AceofMintChocolate, Platinum, Gatorade_Royalty, Ace, Isabelle, KitKatExtreme, and Gryffindor. Her redeemed account's usernames are Ice Of Hearts, KitKatExtreme, IceCreamExtreme and Lover of Lemonade. Her current username is KitKatExtreme.

Previous Times

(someone do 2012/2013)

In 2014, Papl was not as active. She was involved in the infamous August Shipping Wars. Then, she mostly went inactive. She came back in November as a small hyperposter, and hyperposted with Sushi Mia and Pingubleu. As December came, she was involved in many fights. She eventually apologized, and became known for being a good Town of Salem player. Eventually, she began dropping in and out.

Papl's Ban

In August 2015, Papl started to post gore on the forum, alongside fighting with and swiftly driving out Silvie Skydancer (then known as Floofshi). After being caught, she was permanently banned and her account was deleted. She created a lot of sockpuppets to evade this ban; they instead got her IP banned, and prevented her sister from using the forum too.

List of Papl Sockpuppets

  • Barf Party
  • Insidious
  • ZenGod
  • FantaSea
  • _HowAreYouSoAdorable_
  • TheDiamondSword
  • mattandvinniequalsdick
  • CryogenicCrystal (shared with SaucyKing)
  • TheDiamondSword
  • LaserLance
  • The Grinch
  • Osprey99


Forumer Ravenclaw allowed Papl to access his account. As a result, Ravenclaw became banned for 90 days. His IP was also banned to prevent him from creating a clone account. Many users are upset about the ban of Papl and Ravenclaw, since many users were good friends with them. A lot of users believe that Raven's ban was too harsh and shoulld be reduced. Some criticized Matt and Moderator magicmusic and even created the hashtag "#MattSucks" which is supported by lots of users. A group called "The Imperials" was formed to get revenge on the mods and admins by sending gore and doing things like Ravenclaw did.


In February 2016, an user named Ice of Hearts joined. Her first post is:

"After hearing about John's return to the forum, I decided I will give this a shot too. Instead of foolishly making an alt and trying to hide my identity and later having everyone make a big deal of it when I was caught, I decided that I should openly reveal myself right now as KitKatExtreme. Yes you heard me. This is really me. Oh no! Report THIS NOW!!! OH TELL THE ADMINISTRATORS!!! You must be thinking....but hear me out. Do you think I would really be that foolish to do what evils I had done before? Don't be fretful. The main problem with the forum is that they don't give anyone a chance! They straight up report anyone and bash them and make a big deal. It increases the drama and it is the behavior I would expect from a 5 year old. Certainly, you guys are not 5, or are you? Well if you are, you are going to have to adjust I'm afraid. I have felt regret since last summer's incidents, and it will not happen again. At least not from ME at least, but are you guys really that stubborn to accept the fact that some people want to reform for the better cause? Remember how I was like before the gore incidents. You guys nominated and voted me as Most Likely To Be Mod, and Forumer of the Year! Certainly the former will be quite impossible after those events, but there are ups and downs in everyone's life. It's just like some stock markets. There can be pretty drastic decreases but in the end, the overall trend will be going up, improving and improving. Mistakes and wrongdoings cause us all to learn and improve ourselves even more. I will be happy to work with you all once again, and even become a better person myself. This could even possibly be one of the last times you will ever see John and me again. Have you forgotten about those good times we had together? Both of us played a good part in the forum too, despite our severe wrongdoings, and both of us had felt remorse for our actions that had caused our permabans. I hope this is a moment where we can all learn that people do have the capability of becoming a better person, but they must be given opportunities to succeed. If they are shunned instantly, then there is no way they can be expected to improve. After all, you guys wanted people to improve. Then you must show it by allowing it to happen! best of luck to you all."