Some attributes
First She is female.
Second She started the shipping wars.
Third She is Russian.
Other attributes

Martin Garrix (formerly Zorro Metal, Sonic the Hedgehog, Blaze the Cat, Blazing Jenny, Diana, Axel Blaze, Actinium, Jasper, Raven and Chitoge) is an user on Flipline Forum.

As Zorro Metal

Actinium registered her account at December 24, 2013, using the name Zorro Metal. Zorro was annoying at first. Most users thought that she was male because of her name.

As Sonic The Hedgehog

Zorro changed her name to Sonic The Hedgehog. She get along very well with users.

As Blaze The Cat

Around 2014, Actinium changed her name to Blaze The Cat. She was unnoticed. Blaze registered on Facebook, as Blaze Cat. She started making Padam Bitstrips. Everybody got pissed off and they told her to stop. The August Shipping Wars were even worser. She shouted "PADAM" in the shoutbox and the users said to stop it. She instead started to shipping herself with Kelpy G (Lenny at that time). Blaze was random shipping users nonstop, so the users made a shipping called CatiN. They started to ship it. Blaze got irritated and annoyed, so she decided to stop.

As Blazing Jenny

BTC changed her name to Blazing Jenny. She interracted well with other users.

As Diana

Blazing Jenny changed her name to Diana. She won the most improved user of 2014 award and she was at third place in the Pariah category, along with Bayonetta.

As Axel Blaze

Diana changed her name because her favourite Inazuma Eleven character is Axel Blaze. She started some fights at that time.

As Actinium

Axel Blaze changed her name to Actinium. She started many fights such as a fight versus one of her friends, Sushi Mia. Her next name is Jasper. She currently plans on leaving the forum because of the Remove Post Count petition and Dont Spam in MOY Topics.

As Jasper

Actinium changed her name to Jasper because she is obsessed with Steven Universe.

As Raven

Jasper changed her name to Raven because she likes Teen Titans Go!, along with Starfire. She was calm that time.

As Chitoge

Raven changed her name to Chitoge, her favourite anime character.

As Martin Garrix

Chitoge changed her name to Martin Garrix because he is her favourite DJ. During the era she is active in TWG.

As Kirigiri




One of Actinium's FCs, Jenny.


Chitoge Krirsaki, her favourite anime character.


Her favourite DJ, Martin Garrix.

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