The Flipline Forum is the official place where fans of Flipline can meet and chat together. The forum was created in early 2011, and the first registered member was administrator Matt.


2011 was a calm year for the forum's beginning. The forum received many members, but most went inactive and now under 20 still maintain their accounts. This is when top poster GigzaPizza joined, and fourth user Everilyfel.


Please add info if you know any.


Please add info if you know any.


2014 was a rocky year. The beginning was marked with many bans of users, such as Peter and amjh2013 (although amjh deleted his account to evade it). The forum eventually calmed down until the summer, which was filled with useless fights and the infamous August Shipping Wars. The forum once again calmed down until December, when it exploded with spam and fights related to the spam.


2015 began with the continuation of the December fights, but that eventually calmed down. Town of Salem became a popular game on the forum. A lot of the forum went semi-active, including Sushi Mia. Eventually, the forum gained in popularity again and many new users began joining, including Shaira and Froot Loops. As the summer came, a goreposter began attacking the forum (or rather 2/3). This scared the forum and made many users leave. Eventually, Papl and her accomplice SaucyKing were revealed as the goreposters, with Jonathan4Life being an unrelated one as well. This rattled the forum.