ElesaVolt55 is an infamous user on the forum. He started off fine but eventually became permanently banned after posing as Flipline Tony. He is known for his obsessive love of Scarlett, although since it has been 11 months he may have improved since then.


Quoted from the Flipline Forum Historical References Guide:

"This is an example of loving customers gone too far. ElesaVolt55 joined in 2014. For around half of his stay, he was completely fine. He liked Scarlett and was often shipped with her, if not Rudy. He was known around the forum because he had a YouTube channel, which would later be shut down by him for unknown reasons. He went inactive after school started, but came back towards the end of 2014. He began taking his love for Scarlett a bit too much, demanding that Matt at least considers his idea of Rudy being an evil experiment in a new platformer game. He created a fan game about this evil 'CyberRudy' idea, where Daniel (ElesaVolt's FC) saves the day and later dates Scarlett. Many users didn't like the idea much, which caused ElesaVolt55 to become very angry and threaten to sue Matt and take him to court if his CyberRudy idea was not incorporated somehow. One day, a user named Tony Solary joined, claiming to be the real Tony. He sent a bunch of rude PM's to users that didn't support ElesaVolt's idea and told them to apologize and support his ideas or they will be banned. magicmusic later permanently banned ElesaVolt55 after he discovered the I.P.'s matched. Let's hope that nobody else goes this crazy over Flipverse characters."