Doremy Sweet
Doremy Sweet
Some attributes
First Position: Restaurant Star
Second Join Date: January 2013
Third FCs: 70+ (Including Touhou FCs)
Other attributes
Doremy Sweet is a user. He joined the forums on January 2013. He has a wikia account too. He's a big fan on the Touhou and Seihou games. He is the founder of the Fan Papa Louie Customers Wiki, and is known for his FCs.

Discovering Flipline

One day, his friends came over and they were playing Papa's Wingeria. Then, as Doremy played it more, he discovered the Flipline Studios Wiki. He already had a wikia account from the Angry Birds Wiki, so he used that. As he became more active, he became a chat moderater and got major badges like the 30 and 60 days. However, he became corrupt with power, and started a whole war, along with Papl, Dawn14, and others. After that, he had a HUGE period of inactivity. Now, that war is ancient history, and he is active on the forum and his own wiki.


  • GigzaPizza
  • Zuki-Chan
  • Shaira


  • His name has been changed 3 Times. Angrybirds323 > fluffy eevee > Flandre Scarlet > Doremy Sweet
  • He has over 80 FCs, and they can be seen here