DoctorCheesecake is a forumer. He joined the forum on June 2012. He is one of the best fanfic writers and also makes good fan games. His past name was DoctorCheesecake but he renamed to FunSize, his nickname at school. Then he renamed to DoctorCheesecake again. He created the Flipline Games, with became a popular trend, leading us to forumer and meme games. Unfortunately, DoctorCheesecake is planning on leaving the forum because he's not a Flipline Fan anymore, the forumers were way too hostile, having a life outside of here, focusing to academics (like Expiration date) and needs to interact with real people. He deleted his account in 2014 while he was Willy the Whale. His past names were FunSize, Billy The Dolphin and Willy the Whale.