IcariANDJunari joined both 02-27-2017 (MM-DD-YYYY) and 05-29-2017

He still doesn't understand many of the aspects of the forum, but does recognize quite a few people. He stayed in the ninja kiwi forums for a month (and stalking flipline forums) after deleting his own account. He then decided to return back, with the username of Dar, which he joined straight after what would've been his name change.

His reasons of deleting his own account are known, but the reason of the actions before that stay unclear.

Dar recently got a namechange of Chasi Cheesemaster Weran, which is seemingly the longest username in character size yet, not total amount of characters.


Chasi Cheesemaster Weran is actually longer than the 26 character username "Maria Lana Ellen Yuki Karu" in character size.

So far he only had like only one alive win in TWG. And that was as Wolfsbane, he didn't really do much at all.