DJ Roomba (previously known as Julepchuckfanfurever, Froot Loops, HorchataSans, Meryl_and_Maks and Joyce) is a user in Flipline Forum. He joined in April of 2015. His name is kys and he lives in Texas, along with Shawna.


Navidad~Mexicana is known for having been banned several times 4 times in total. His first ban was not known about by the other users since he kept it a secret. To this day, he still does not know why he was banned.

His second ban was caused by him being immature and biased. The U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in all 50 states. Along with users such as Papl and Everilyfel, he was happy that it legalized. However, users (that will remain anonymous) weren't very happy about it. Papl and Everilyfel were very mature in talking with people who didn't necessarily like it, unlike Navidad~Mexicana, who called those users "Homophobic Freaks" and raged in his posts. At last, he was banned.

The third ban was caused by fighting with SaucyKing. After some convincing, Matt decreased the ban time and made it a shoutbox ban only.

The last ban wasn't too serious. He was only banned from the shoutbox for one day for spamming things such as "having s3x with milk".

He did some other bad things, causing him to get banned again. He's friends with some people.

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