Ataino (previously known as Theblogger, Kirito and Silver Crow), is a Flipline Forum user who joined on June 14th, 2015. He is currently at the rank "Restaurant Master". He lives in the country of Morocco, along with Dark~Choco

As ataino

After first joining, Ataino wasn't that talkative, since it was the first time he joined the forum, and, since he was 11 years Old and moroccan, he didn't know much english, but he still made some friends, he had à fight with Kiefer (currently PokeKief), but it didn't really affect their friendship

As Theblogger

ataino changed his name to Theblogger, chosen from a poll, to make something flipline-related, he also made some oher names like Theforumember, thegamer, and other things, during this time, he learned more about english and had many friends

As Kirito

Theblogger changed his name to Kirito, as his favorite Character from Sword Art Online,he made even more friends, and started making more topics

As Silver Crow

Kirito changed his name to Silver Crow, his favorite Character from the Anime Accel World, he also tried to make everyone a friend, which worked, Well, maybe

As Ataino

Silver Crow changed his name back to Ataino for his first year anniversary, he also tried to talk about memories this year he passed here.

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As Len Kagamine


As Ataino