1033Forest (formerly Colgatepony234) is a Flipline Forumer who joined on August 7, 2013, the release date of Papa's Cupcakeria. He did a few posts back then, but after his ban from the FS wiki chat, he took a break from the wikia and forum for a while. He was active again in November but only for one post. He did not come back until July 2014, he was sorta active at that time, and thought there wouldn't be a KCP 2014 so he almost left. But luckily, he did not leave because there was a KCP 2014! But after that, he was inactive yet again until June when Cheeseria was released. As of now, he posts more often and thinks of predictions for next games.


  • He is in 10th grade
  • He is currently 16. His birthday is May 15.
  • He has made many FC's but posts them on the Papa Louie Fan Contests and Games wiki
  • His favorite color is blue.
  • He has known Flipline since 2012.
  • He first heard of Flipline by watching that mayonnaise video.
  • He lives in Florida.